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Why do you need a Sparkychat translator instead of an app?

Why do you need a Sparkychat translator instead of an app?

Before answering this question, let me first introduce to you the working principle of the translation machine: audio pickup → speech recognition → semantic understanding → machine translation → speech synthesis.

Translator picks up sound more accurately

In the translation workflow, the translator has specific advantages in both hardware and software algorithms.

Accurately picking up sound from the surrounding environment is half of a successful translation. When traveling abroad, we often use translation tools in some noisy environments. At this time, the test of the translation tool's sound pickup ability begins.

In the process of audio pickup, the sound pickup of the translation APP depends on the sound pickup of the mobile phone. Because of its own settings, the mobile phone must suppress the far-field sound pickup and amplify the near-field sound pickup, which is completely opposite to the premise that the translation needs to accurately pick up the sound at a distance in a noisy environment. Therefore, in an environment with relatively loud noises, the translation APP cannot recognize the sound at a distance, so the accuracy of the final translation result is difficult to guarantee.

In contrast, SPARKYCHAT, as a professional translation device, pays special attention to the improvement of sound pickup ability. It uses an intelligent noise reduction microphone, which can achieve a more sensitive and clear sound pickup effect than a mobile phone. Even in a scene like a sales office with loud marketing music, it can accurately collect sound, making it convenient for users to communicate across languages.

More natural interaction

I believe that most people will encounter such a situation when traveling abroad or on business trips: they don’t speak the language in a foreign country, and they are in a hurry to catch the train but can’t find the way. When they are about to board the train, they are worried about getting on the wrong train. In a hurry, they open the translation app, but fail to press the recording button in time, resulting in translation errors. Embarrassment, anxiety, uncertainty, all kinds of emotions are mixed together.

The advantage of the translation machine is that it can be used at any time no matter where. If you use a mobile phone, you need to perform five or six steps to open the translation function, and you have to worry about whether the operation will trigger other obstacles in the software during the process. At this time, the emergence of a dedicated translation machine,SPARKYCHAT voice translator can greatly improve the user experience.

In addition, translation scenarios require good affinity. When you hold your phone to the other person's mouth, the other person will obviously feel uncomfortable because it violates the limit of safe distance between people. However, the super sound pickup ability of SPARKYCHAT VOICE TRANSLATOR means that you don't need to hold it to the other person's mouth, and the interaction is more natural.

Support offline translation

In the absence of network, SPARKYCHAT VOICE TRANSLATOR has offline translation function, but translation APP is overly dependent on the network, and the offline translation effect is not good.

Without network, most translation APPs are basically unusable. Google Translate APP has the function of offline translation, but the accuracy is not ideal compared with the online results. Moreover, Google offline translation only supports text translation and OCR translation, and does not support offline voice translation, so it is impossible to communicate with people directly by voice. The offline voice translation languages incl. Polish and Turkish, and Arabic and so on with more than 10+ different languages.

In this way, even in places with poor signals such as subways and airplanes, or when you don't use the Internet because you think international traffic is expensive, you can easily communicate with foreigners through SPARKYCHAT VOICE TRANSLATOR, and the Internet is no longer a problem for travel.


More accurate translation

Because the translation machine is much better than the translation APP in terms of voice pickup, the translation machine can more accurately identify the speaker's speech content, so the translation quality is more guaranteed.

SPARKYCHAT VOICE TRANSLATOR uses four major translation engines: Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, and Baidu, and deploys servers in 14 cities around the world, including London, Moscow, and Tokyo, to ensure the speed, stability, and accuracy of translation transmission.

SPARKYCHAT has been focusing on AI translation equipment since 2018. Its specific products include translation machines, scanning pens, translation headphones, voice typing translation rings, and AI mice. On the basis of ensuring quality and price, we also provide flexible customized services to help more small and micro partners to explore this market together.

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Post time: Jun-06-2024